10mm 60LED SMD3528 Single Colour LED Tape 5W 24V 5M
10mm 60LED (SMD3528) Single Colour LED Tape 5W 24V (Variable) 5M
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10mm 60LED (SMD3528) Single Colour LED Tape 5W 24V (Variable) 5M

£39.06£59.94 Inc. VAT



This 5-watt Single Colour LED tape light is a continuous LED light source that is both compact and flexible, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. This slim LED ribbon, which uses 60 3528 SMD branded LEDs and is manufactured to a high quality, emits up to 508.06 (6000K) lumens (per meter), while consuming only 5 watts per meter. Life expectancy of this luminous LED tape is 50,000 hours of continuous use.

Colour Temperatures

From radiant deep warm whites to cool white shades, Uprise has a wide selection of different flexible LED tape lights to suit your project. We supply a standard range including kelvin ratings that match 2100K / 2400K / 2700K / 3000K / 4000K / 6000K / Red / Green / Blue. Have a specific colour temperature in mind? We can discuss any bespoke manufacturing needs you have.

Colour Rendering Index (CRI)

This versatile LED strip is available in CRI>80.

Brightness (Lumen Output)

Ultra efficient as standard, this radiant LED strip light outputs 345.02lm/m (2100K), 408.05lm/m (2400K), 472.07lm/m (2700K), 480.04lm/m (3000K), 504.01lm/m (4000K), 508.06lm/m (6000K). Also, this slim LED tape light outputs 95lm/m (Red), 273lm/m (Green), 58lm/m (Blue).

Light Diffusion

When it comes to illuminating any area, our slim LED tape lights come equipped with a smooth linear appearance. These flexible LED strips can be used together with our extruded aluminium channels, generally known as LED profiles, if desired. Once LED strips are fitted into the profiles, the light source will be evenly distributed.

Wiring Example

Single Colour LED Tape Light Wiring

Choose your length

Uprise’s 5-watt LED strip, like our alternative bendable strip light series, comes in standard  5M reels and may be cut at each 100mm soldered (copper coloured) segment. If you require specific lengths, large or small, we can cut your tape to length.

Simply enter your custom lengths during the online purchasing process, call us, or use our LED project configurator to add UP60-S3528-10MM-5W-24V-5M and obtain an estimate in seconds.


This flexible LED tape light is perfect for application within cabinet displays, under pelmets, shelves, signage and within coves.

The LED tape is just 10mm wide (IP20) and selectable up to an IP67 standard. IP67 LED tape lights provide full dust and low immersion protection. It can be used, when water resistance is needed, within bathrooms, external areas or water features.

IP Rating Options

This flexible LED strip is available in IP20, IP52, IP65(H), IP65, IP67 & IP67E.  Feel free to contact  us on 0116 406 2959 or email us via sales@uprisemed.com to talk to an expert. We’ll assist  you to choose the right strip to apply.

See our IP rating charts here for additional information about the ideal strip for your  application.


This LED tape provides excellent lighting for commercial applications, ideal for resorts, restaurants, bars, hotel lobbies and retail spaces and window displays. This LED ribbon is well suited to architects, light engineers, AV integrators and electrical  specialists when there is a requirement for slim, bright, long lasting LED strips.

It is particularly suited for outside garden areas such as edge lights, garden bars and steps,  living rooms, kitchens and home movies.

Quality Assurance

Uprise believes in long term value, which is why our enterprise class LED tape lights include high-quality, long lasting components. Colour consistency and uniformity are important for the right finish for all our LED strips.

Uprise offers a wide variety of wall & DMX controllers, receivers and Dali, 0-10v dimmers, Triac Dimming (Mains) and alternatives. For splendid visual aesthetics and end dimming results, you can also view the Dim to Warm & Seamless COB flexible LED strip




  • Product Type: Single Colour LED Tape
  • Colour: 2100K / 2400K / 2700K / 3000K / 4000K / 6000K / Red / Green / Blue
  • IP Rating: IP20 / IP52 / IP65H / IP65 / IP67 / IP67E
  • PCB Colour: White
  • Chip: 3528 SMD
  • LEDs per meter: 60LEDs
  • LED Life: 70% @ 50,000 Hours
  • Brand: Uprise

Light Characteristics

  • Lumens/m: 259.04 | 345.02Lm/m (2100K±100), 353.03 | 408.05Lm/m (2400K±100), 365.06 | 472.07Lm/m (2700K±100), 393.07 | 480.04Lm/m (3000K±100), 410.03 | 504.01Lm//m (4000K±200), 420.01 | 508.06Lm/m (6000K±300)
  • Lumens/w: 54.17 | 72.15Lm/w (2100K±100), 73.77 | 85.18Lm/m (2400K±100), 76.32 | 98.55Lm/m (2700K±100), 82.10 | 100.11Lm/w (3000K±100), 85.78 | 105.05Lm/w (4000K±200), 87.69 | 106.16Lm/w (6000K±300)
  • CRI: CRI80 | CRI90
  • Beam angle: 120°


  • LED Wattage (Per meter): 5W
  • Input Voltage: 24V
  • Current (A): 0.2A
  • Cable in: 500mm 2 core (as standard)
  • Cable out: 500mm 2 core (as standard)


  • Width: 10mm
  • Height: 2mm
  • Length: 5m (as standard)


  • Cut points: 100mm
  • Cable: 2 core flat cable
  • Mounting: 3M backing tape


  • Certification: CE, RoHS
  • Warranty: 5 Years


  • Packaging: 5M Roll
  • Net Weight: 152g / Roll


I need help designing my project, can you help?

Our team of LED experts can assist you with your design from start to finish. You will be provided with a quotation, wiring diagram and support documentation to help get the result you deserve.

Can you custom cut this strip to length?

We can custom cut your LED tape lights, Neon Flex and LED extrusion profiles to exact specification. Contact us for more information.

What aluminium LED extrusions can I fit this into?

This product is 10mm and will fit into all LED profiles with an inside width of 10mm and above.

How can I buy?

You either buy individual components online or call us on 0116 406 2959 or email us at sales@uprisemed.com and a member of our team will help you with your project.

What support will I receive once I’ve purchased?

Our aim is to ensure you get an end result that you are completely satisfied with, we’re here to help.

Additional information

Weight 0.152 kg
Dimensions 500 × 1 × 0.2 cm
LED Tape Type

Single Colour

Colour Temperature

2100K, 2400K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6000K, Blue, Green, Red

IP Rating

IP20, IP52, IP65, IP65H, IP67, IP67E

PCB Colour


LED Chip Type

SMD 3528

LEDs Per Meter

60 LEDs Per Meter

LED Life

70% @ 50,000 Hours


Uprise Unbranded


259.04, 345.02Lm/m (2100K±100), 353.03, 408.05Lm/m (2400K±100), 365.06, 472.07Lm/m (2700K±100), 393.07, 480.04Lm/m (3000K±100), 410.03, 504.01Lm//m (4000K±200), 420.01, 508.06Lm/m (6000K±300)

Lumens Output

> 250 Lumen/m, > 300 Lumen/m, > 350 Lumen/m, > 400 Lumen/m, > 450 Lumen/m, > 500 Lumen/m


CRI80, CRI90

Beam Angle

180 Degree

Watts Per Meter

5 Watts Per Meter

Current (A)


Tape Width


Tape Height


Tape Length


Cut Points


Cable Type

2 Core Flat Cable


3M backing tape




5 Years

Ambient Temperature



Anti-Static Silver Foil Bag