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Create psychological wellbeing.

With Naturally Inspired Visuals Brought To Light

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Naturally inspired lighting creates emotional responses.

The above demonstration shows a flame effect. Fire triggers primal emotional responses as it is associated with food and cooking and is very therapeutic. Have you ever sat outside in the freezing cold staring deep into a bonfire or BBQ fire pit? The art of cooking with fire is raw and the psychological aspect is deep routed in our evolutionary development.

Checkout Francis Mallmann’s open fire cooking video below
Open fire cooking icon Franc Mallmann Video

The above display video shows 30 & 60 per meter RGBW 5V digital flexible LED strips. On the left side x6 30mm LED tubes are shown. On the top right a square profile has been mounted on it’s side to show a projected accent or cove effect. The strips below are slimline & recessed 12mm profiles. They offer a combination of translucent diffused and clear front facing effects. You can also see both black and white PCB finishes. The display shows an animated fiery flame visual effect. Get adventurous and excite your space today. Call us on 0116 406 2959 to start your journey.

Digital LED Strips Overview

RGBW Digital 30 Pixel LED Strip

RGBW Digital LED Strip 30 5V Specifications

Uprise LED offer a professional range of digital LED strips, extrusions and pixel mapping control products. Simply put, we provide a fully comprehensive LED strip, concept support, cut and supply service from your design to your door. Bring natural, colour enriched visuals to your space.

Make A Scene

Our Professional Grade RGBW LED Strips Solution

RGBW digital LED strips offers dynamic, colourful scenes guaranteed to bring your set to life. 


Full Control

Our leading team of pixel LED experts will help you achieve your creative vision. We're here to help.


All our flexible digital LED strip products are built with quality and longevity in mind.

Safe & Secure

We aim to provide a reliable LED solution every time.

Next Day Delivery

Our RGBW digital LED strip products are in stock for next day despatch.

Service Support

We've got over 10 years experience designing, sourcing and supplying professional grade LED strips.

Product Features

Kinetic visuals that add a sense of wellbeing and emotion to a space.

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