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Copper Infused Face Masks 5 Great Insights

Copper Infused Face Mask Benefits

So you’ve heard about copper infused face masks? Maybe you’ve tried many different types of face masks but none of them seem to tick all the right boxes. From home made face coverings that offer little to no filtration benefit to gimmicky branded masks that are still unsatisfactory. Perhaps you’ve grown used to typical disposable face masks which whilst doing the job seem almost too clinical in their outlook. That’s why we decided to reinvent the value proposition with a comfortable, innovative and aesthetically pleasing copper infused face mask.

How to wear and wash a copper infused face mask


It’s always a challenge adapting to change but change happens nonetheless. That’s why we’re amongst the first company to pioneer the concept of a reusable copper infused face mask. Extremely comfortable with 4 filtration layers and copper impregnated fabrics designed to destroy viruses, bacteria, bugs and germs within minutes of surface contact.

Washing – Best practises

How should I wash this and how often?

  • To wash the mask soak it in either distilled or boiled water. Simply boil a kettle, pour into a large bowl and let it stand for 15 minutes so the water is cooled. Now soak the Mask and massage it gently.
    NOTE: The idea is to maintain the integrity of the fabric fibres. This is why we massage gently.
  • For our female wearers the mask may absorb makeup stains on the inside over time. Although this may appear untidy it will only be visible to the wearer so no need to be alarmed.
  • We advise washing once a week or approximately 35 hours worth of wear give or take.

Can I wash the mask in a washing machine?

  • No, we want to ensure the integrity and efficacy of the copper impregnated fibres. Therefore the likes of detergent, built up residue and limescale within the washing machine will take away from the performance of the mask.
  • Please take into consideration that some viruses are much, much smaller than bacteria in the order of upto 100-400 times on average smaller depending on which study source you look at.
    Here’s a helpful video and some useful resources to check out.

Why cant the mask be washed in boiled water, why does it have to be distilled or cooled boiled water?

  • We recommend that you do not wash in hot boiled water due to potential warping of the dimensions within the mask.

Guidance: How to clean your copper infused face mask to ensure wearable long term integrity

  1. Don’t use soaps, washing liquids, tablets or detergents
  2. Use distilled water (Can be purchased online or from most supermarkets) or boiled water that’s been left to cool for 15 minutes or until it’s cooled.
  3. Gently soak and massage the mask for 5 minutes plus, WITHOUT rubbing too hard
  4. Squeeze any excess water out the mask and rest the mask in a dry location.

How can I be sure there is copper in our mask?

  • When it comes quality we want to ensure our customers are getting excellent value to the best of our ability. We aim to bring the most innovative wellbeing products directly to you at the fairest prices. Our copper infused face mask utilises patented technology which we’ve vetted here in England. The copper infused face masks are originally manufactured by our partners in China.
  • Download independent lab testing report from Intertek

What’s the amount of copper in the mask, how much is actually in it?

  • Each and every yarn fibre within the front grey outside layer material (Facing the world) is imbued with copper.
  • There are alternative copper infused masks on the market. Some are cheaper, have less copper content or layers and others would appear identical likely originating from the same manufacture source in China. At Uprise we want to offer value in innovation, service and communicating with integrity. Our copper infused face masks offer the right balance of copper ions ensuring effectiveness against viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Will the copper disappear or dissipate over time?

Whilst silver another metal with anti-bacterial properties is soluable over time copper is not.
The technology within our specially designed copper infused fabric bonds copper ions into the fabric at the molecular level. We recommend the mask will last about 40 wash cycles, that’s a decrease in ppm copper content of about 3% over the lifetime of the mask. Or 0.3 ppm of copper loss after 40 washes.

Do you have more general information on viruses?

Yes check out the following video for a size reference guide along with more information.

What’s with the hefty price tag, why is your mask more expensive than most?

  • That depends on your definition of more expensive. Are you worried about the price or the cost? Although the price may be more expensive compared to other types of masks the overall cost over time is typically lower. How is this? As our mask is expected to last for 40 wash cycles it works out at just 8p per day if washing once per week. Now add the benefits, beautiful aesthetics and comfort into the mix and you have a very valuable solution. The average sentiment across 10 real life telephone conversations with our customers was the following “Out of all the masks we’ve tried your mask is amongst the most comfortable we’ve worn, it’s very easy to wear”
  • Alternative masks such as 3 ply disposable / surgical masks are designed for single time use for short periods. They are designed to be worn for no more than 4 hours and then disposed of so they need to be replaced often. It’s been known that these masks can carry viruses and bacteria for upto a week, that’s potentially 7 days of spreadable infection.
  • Our copper infused face mask has been designed to be anti-viral front facing the most likely spot to be touched by hands. As germs, bacteria or viruses can also be spread by active touch points this is another benefit of copper infused fabric. A mask is typically worn to protect others from you spreading germs, viruses or bacteria but most masks don’t help against you accidently touching or adjusting the front of your mask.
  • The copper infused face masks we provide is anti-viral can be rewashed and reused upto 40 times before being replaced whilst not allowing other microbes to find a settlement on the front of the mask.
  • Out of all technologies on the market it’s unlikely that there is another mask with such well rounded utility as our copper infused face mask.

    Copper Infused Face Mask Front

Does your mask come in different sizes or is it a one size fits all?

  • We only offer our copper masks in one size. However we’ve found faces of all sizes have worn these no problem. The adjustable ear loop toggles allow adaptability providing an ideal fit.
  • When it comes to wearing a mask it’s absolutely pointless as most professionals would agree having an air gap. Whether that be silly homemade coverings or 3 ply masks if there is a gap where particles can get out then it’s not going to be ideal. That’s why we’ve aimed to present an option that provides a tighter seal when the ear loops are tightened. This is a win/win for all in our books.

Stevie Watts, an avid adventurer and pioneer is passionate about people’s wellbeing. He’s on a mission to transform Uprise into a globally recognized brand that brings innovative new products to the health tech space. Discovery, reading, psychology, inventing and building things excite him. If you’d like to reach out, email Stevie at or visit for copper infused face masks, circadian rhythm LED lighting and temperature scanning kiosks.

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